Ruth Wagner
Violinmaker (Luthier)
Senator of the Métis Nation of Ontario

In 1934, Wagner Violin was started by Siegfried Wagner in Belgium. Since 1960, this violin repair company has been located north of Bracebridge, Muskoka, Ontario and carried on by Wagner's widow, Ruth. Serving worldwide.

Wagner Violins provides expertise in:
• Restoration and Repairs to violins and all
  stringed instruments of the violin family
• bridges installed
• bows re-haired
• hand crafted violins

They have:
• new and re-conditioned instruments for sale
• bows for sale
• strings, tuners, cases, resin, etc.
They sometimes buy used instruments.

Ruth's Métis heritage has prompted her to run for and become a Senator for the Métis Nation of Ontario, and has given her the inspiration to make genuine Metis fiddles with the Métis Infinity sign for "f" holes!

Free verbal evaluation for repairs and appraisals.
For written evaluations or appraisals there is a fee incurred. Contact Ruth for an appointment.

(705) 385-2585




Ruth Wagner's daughter Olivia is a luthier in Ottawa.
Olivia Pelling


Phone: (613) 325-0752





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